Boll Mezzoforte Blade
Boll Mezzoforte Blade
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Boll Mezzoforte Blade

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Playable In All Game Situations

The Butterfly Boll Mezzoforte is the newest in the Timo Boll line, offering excellent feel and a lots of dwell time. Due to its versatility, the Mezzoforte would pair well with a variety of different types of rubber depending on playing style.

Players interested in using High Tension rubber while maintaining a light paddle overall should consider either Roundell Soft or Bryce High Speed. Roundell Soft has a great feel and is easy to control, while Bryce High Speed is designed for all-out attackers and is the fastest rubber Butterfly produces.

For those looking for a more controlled game, Butterfly Aibiss and Sriver rubbers would be great options.

Players that enjoy confusing others with long pips should consider either Butterfly Feint Long II or Feint Long III. Feint Long II was designed to enhance the effect of long pips-out rubbers, maximizing when the pips are easily bent & deformed by reaching the aspect ratio limits set forth by the ITTF. Feint Long III, designed for the aggressive chopper, features a softer more flexible top sheet combined with a softer sponge.

To increase the grip on this blade, you can add Soft Grip Tape, providing more grip and comfort to the racket handle. Another great choice to extend the longevity of your racket is adding side tape to the blade, protecting the wood in the event it is hit on the table.

  • Blade: 5 plywood
  • Style: All-Round
  • Reaction: 9.0
  • Vibration: 7.9

  • Head Size: 158 x 152mm
  • Head Thickness: 5.0mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100 x 24mm
  • ST Handle Size: 100 x 23mm
  • AN Handle Size: 100 x 23mm
  • Average Weight: ~77g