Amicus Prime Robot
Amicus Prime Robot
Amicus Prime Robot
Amicus Prime Robot
Amicus Prime Robot

Amicus Prime Robot

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The new AMICUS PRIME sets out to redefine the possibilities of a table tennis robot and will excite fans all over the world. The innovative PRIME is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth technology from the AMICUS app running on either the included tablet computer or any smartphone or tablet operating iOS or Android.

AMICUS app software offers a multitude of interactive content, improved and added to with regular updates. Creating drills, changing spin, speed, placement, and trajectory has never been easier.

Pre-saved exercises created by professional players and coaches are playable at the press of a button with in-app videos by stars such as Timo Boll just waiting to show the correct execution and provide useful tips from his regular training with the AMICUS robot.

Get acquainted with our AMICUS flagship model and discover the new possibilities of the most tireless, and always ready, training partner you will find.

Special features of AMICUS PRIME:

  • Ball frequency of up to 120 balls per minute. Spin type, spin amount, speed, trajectory, and placement can vary from ball to ball.
  • Control the robot with the application on tablet (or user supplied Android or iOS device). Tablet connects wirelessly to robot via Bluetooth.
  • Software and firmware regularly updated with help of the app. Several robots may be operated by one device (consecutively). Tablet can be re-charged directly from the robot with the included USB Micro cable.
  • Reverse drills to match your dominant hand so forehand/backhand placements are correct by using the Mirror button.
  • Test individual balls within a drill by using the Sample button.
  • Customize the time interval between any two consecutive balls with the Individual Frequency Control (IFC).
  • Easily incorporate interval training into your table tennis practice sessions with the Cycle function.
  • Pre-programmed with 21 drills created by German Butterfly Coach Richard Prause. Pre-programmed drills can be modified or replaced.
  • Learn proper technique by watching the integrated videos that demonstrate a top player properly practicing each pre-programmed drill.
  • Sequence together several drills so they run automatically one after the other or randomly.
  • Start, stop, or change ball frequency with the included key-fob-like remote switch (small, lightweight and easy to fit in pocket)
  • To download the app for FREE, please click the link below

What Is Included With The Unit:

  • Tablet
  • 120 Butterfly Training Balls
  • Free Carry Bag
  • Tech Support from the ‘Robot Guru’, Larry Thoman (30 years of experience with table tennis robots, author of 7 different owner’s manuals & holder of 3 table tennis robot patents)
  • Full 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty