Zhang Jike ZLC FL Pro-Line With Tenergy 64

Zhang Jike ZLC FL Pro-Line With Tenergy 64

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  • Strong & Lightweight Racket for Powerful Attacks At All Distances
  • Zhang Jike ZLC FL Blade
  • Tenergy 64 2.1 Red Rubber
  • Tenergy 64 2.1 Black Rubber
  • All pro-line rackets are assembled.
  • flexibility and a softer touch, enabling powerful and precise attacking strokes from mid distance.
  • Spring Sponge Technology is produced by the unique format of air bubbles within the sponge and the thin pimples of the highly flexible surface, enable dynamic topspin play with heavy rotation.
  • With the most speed among the Tenergy rubbers, Tenergy 64 is the ultimate attacking rubber.
  • Within the Tenergy Family of rubbers, all styles of play can benefit from this new technology

Highly Balanced Model with ZL-Carbon Style: Attack | Reaction: 11.7 | Vibration: 10.8

  • A model with ZL-Carbon; powerful attack as well as the soft feeling are major features, high reaction force and flexibility is possible. The balanced play between attack and defense is a particular characteristic.
ZL Carbon

Playing Style: AttackSpeed: FastFeeling: Soft5-PlyBlade Size: Regular
  • Class: OFF
  • Weight: ~87g
  • Blade Thickness: 5.5
  • Blade Size: 157x150mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100x25mm
  • ST Handle Size: 100x28mm
  • Made in Japan