Boll Forte FL Pro-Line With Roundell

Boll Forte FL Pro-Line With Roundell

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Boll Forte FL

Balancing The Core Style: Attack | Reaction: 11.0 | Vibration: 9.0
  • Provides high precision and stability
  • Recommended for players who prefer quick, early topspin shots
  • Soft core combined with hard outer veneers
  • The Solid Balance Core construction provides power with a good feel


  • Class: OFF
  • Plies: 5W
  • Weight: ~90g
  • Blade Thickness: 6.0
  • Blade Size: 158x150mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100x25mm

Roundell 2.1

  • Roundell... The Next Step Towards Greatness.
  • Gives you good control for the amount of speed and spin that can be produced due to the very flexible top sheet and sponge.

  • Class: Super Speed
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Speed: 12.8
  • Spin: 10.2
  • Density: 35