Donic Burn Allround+

Donic Burn Allround+

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The main priority in producing the Allround Plus version of the Donic Burn blade series has been to ensure ease of control and feel.

The thinner Kiri centre ply of the Donic Burn ALL+ offers greater control than the offensive blades in the series. At 80 grams this blade is highly suitable for players who prefer a lighter blade. The Donic Burn ALL+ blade can also be used with harder attacking rubbers to produce fantastic speed.

For an allround blade this model is relatively stiff and combined with softer rubbers will develop plenty of spin.

Donic Burn Series
"Thermic Burn Technology" is applied! A thermal treatment of the veneers results in extremely high stability, similar to features of high-quality tropical woods. The blades are exposed to a temperature of 200 degrees centigrade for twenty-four hours. This process hardens the wood and removes any humidity. The resulting playing characteristics of these blades are unique.

Donic Burn Series, the new blade generation for modern table tennis!

Class: ALL+
Speed: 81
Control: 73
Blade Weight: 80
Material: All Wood