Andro Plaxon 525

Andro Plaxon 525

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Plaxon 525 rubber from Andro is for players of all classes preferring to play close to the table!

-- PLAXON – an absolute new rubber generation: a compact, energized sponge combined with a topsheet that optimally reacts especially with the new plastic ball.

-- PLAXON – the right rubber for each player type thanks to four versions in varying sponge hardness grades. Adjust your material to the new requirements, select your update for the new ball!

-- PLAXON 525 for maximum power and precision!

-- The hard sponge with high momentum and immense speed reservoir pushes the ball directly to the front without any detours.

-- The special rubber surface catapults the ball with spin and pressure out of the racket.

-- The outstanding surface structure maximizes the sweet spot (optimal hitting zone) in the hitting moment.

PLAXON – makes you a better player!

Speed: 96
Spin: 86
Control: 71
Hardness: Hard