TB7 Pro-Line With Rozena & Case

TB7 Pro-Line With Rozena & Case

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TB7 Blade
Medium Fast For A Balanced Attack
  • Style: Shakehand Attack
  • Reaction:10.6
  • Vibration: 9.6
  • Blade Size:154 x 148mm
  • Blade Thickness: 6.3mm
  • Plies: 7
  • Weight:~84g
  • Handle Size: FL - 102 x 25mm

  • Rozena
    High Performance Rubber Rozena, Pursuing "Tolerance"
    • Rozena employs the rose-dyed Spring Sponge technology as its name suggests.
    • The newly developed top sheet utilizes High Tension technology.
    • With sufficient power, Rozena helps compensate for subtle racket angles and directional swing errors, creating a sense of stability.
    • A rubber of high tolerance!
    • Rozena, improves your play through ‘forgiveness’ and is recommended for players aiming for the top.
    • Class: High-Tension Pimples-in
    • Surface: Pips-In
    • Speed: 13.0
    • Spin: 10.8
    • Density: 35

    Ilueight Racket Case
      • The Ilueight Case can accommodate two rackets & four balls.
      • Mesh sleeve will hold racket cleaner.
      • Pouch on the inside cover can hold rubber or other small items

      All Pro-Line rackets are assembled.